Our Story
We are Michael and Ashley Cordray. We love old homes. Our life may seem a bit crazy, but to us it’s perfectly normal. Whether we are looking at a house two hours after we said we wouldn’t buy another until we get one sold (…but it was a great deal), turning discarded materials (yes, that includes good old fashioned dumpster dives) into timeless projects, harvesting a little honey from our beehives, wrangling our chickens back into our yard from down the block (constant Houdini’s), or driving four hours one way for a front door – not a single minute is boring.

We are saving as many dilapidated and neglected homes as possible before they are demolished and lost forever, and we welcome you on that journey with us.

Our Island
Galveston in the late 19th century was one of the most prominent cities in America and the most vibrant in Texas.

Each home we touch has an often forgotten story. It’s our goal to tell that story. Many of these once incredible homes, after years of neglect are being demolished. Incredible to us doesn’t necessarily mean grand, we love 600 sq ft tenant cottages with the same heart as a 6000 sq ft mansion. It’s our view that no historic home should be voluntarily or purposefully destroyed, only to be rebuilt with particle board and plastic. These architectural treasures need as many voices and advocates as possible.

These homes have often stood for more than a hundred years; we want to give them new life and ensure they will be around for a hundred more.