From the fun exterior colors to the awesome living space extension on the deck, this house is made for vacation. When we first purchased this house, the only way to access it was by putting a ladder up to the half falling down porch! We added a new front porch, new stairs, metal roof, huge raised deck, and an outdoor shower which is perfect for after a long day at the beach. At just 656 sq ft this little house packs some serious punch!

Louver Rail | Slats

Everyone loves taking showers outdoors, and this saves all your interior plumbing from the sand you bring home from the beach. Putting together this shower under the deck couldn’t have been a simpler DIY. You can purchase these pre-cut pressure treated louver rails, and then just cut your deck boards to size and use a mallet to get the boards into the pre-cut grooves. We put up three walls with an opening towards the house and it instantly provided privacy, and was super affordable!

Fan | Blinds | Bench | Table | Plant | Rug | Sconces | Hanging Chair | Coffee Table Set  |  Sleeper Sofa

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Left – Cove  
Right – Coral

The living area and dining area share space in this main room, and we wanted it to feel cohesive with a natural, beachy feel throughout. The basket style coffee tables were a one-off find, but we found some great dupes at an affordable price point. Adding a DIY picture ledge behind the sofa was a great way to get layered art on the walls, and add a ton of style without feeling too busy in this small space. The sconces complete this wall and give some definition to the living area. In an effort to make this home the ultimate getaway, we were sure to include a compact sofa that also is a sleeper. The coffee tables can double as baskets, if flipped over, to hold all the sofa pillows while being used as a bed. Finding furniture that can do double duty in a small space is a must!

Chandelier | Chair | Blinds | Coffee table set

Another view of the main living area shows you that the front door enters right into this room. The first thing that you see is the fun hanging chair! Most hanging chairs are a bit larger than this one, and we knew that we would be tight on space. The World Market chair we used comes with a base, but we decided to use a hanging kit and make it swing. We get asked all the time about the blinds we used, and I love them.  These woven blinds we used throughout the house are a great quality cordless option that add privacy with no fuss.

Wasting no space, placing the dining area in this corner of the main living room gives great access to the kitchen and also a great spot for doing other things like card games, puzzles, and providing extra seating. The unfinished dining table and bench were such a great option. We liked the natural look with the rest of the beachy accents, and by choosing unfinished meant that we could have stained, painted or white washed – endless options! The bench was a great choice because it can easily be pushed under the table when not in use. The DIY banquette opposite the bench also doubles as storage – no wasted space! The white wooden bead chandelier defines the dining area, and ties in all the natural textures.

Faucet | Pulls | Knobs | Rug | Light | Plant Hangers | Blinds | Pegs | Butcher Block

One of the best layout changes that we did in this house, was to use this pass through space for a generous sized galley kitchen. We defined this space by adding an old sidelight from our stash that acts as a narrow transom. The amount of counter space and cabinet storage for such a small amount of square footage feels like a luxury. The opposite wall from the cabinets includes a peg rail for extra storage on an otherwise blank wall. We chose butcher block countertops that can be purchased as one large slab, and cut down to size. Butcher block offers such a nice natural look that compliments the original oak floors that we uncovered and refinished. Pairing affordable butcher block countertops with unfinished wood pulls and knobs make this kitchen set up very budget friendly. By throwing in some hanging plants and a surfboard shaped cutting board, this kitchen feels fun and fresh.

Wallpaper | Metal bed | Nightstands | Lamps | Jute Rug | Rug | Blinds

This main bedroom is the only original room of the house. We were able to keep most of its size and still have a large closet. By keeping the wainscoting light, it adds a spacious feeling and interest to the walls. The subtle wallpaper in a neutral color way and tropical pattern adds another layer, and continues the beachy feel of this home. The wallpaper is peel and stick, which is a great option for easy application and removal when you decide that you want a new look. We continued the layered look by using two rugs in this space. The Terracotta Sky rug is one that we have used often, and honestly looks great in so many different spaces. Layering a thinner rug over a larger jute rug is a great way to add color and pattern, and is easy on the budget by using a smaller more expensive rug over a larger rug or even carpet. This room feels like such a retreat.

Bed | Wallpaper | Bedding | Sconces | Sheets

Links for artwork – Juniper Print Shop
Here With You  

The addition of a second bedroom in this house made it so much more functional and marketable. We were even able to get a fairly large closet in this room, as well. The wallpaper in this room was our splurge for this space, but is so fun! A great tip for a splurge paper is to include a wainscoting – like this board and batten – that goes a little bit higher up the wall. The height of the wainscoting in this room showcases the surfer wallpaper and also doubles as a great art ledge. We found these wall sconces with a nautical look, but decided we wanted another pop of color in this space. Spray painting a fixture is a great way to customize it, and is a super easy DIY project.

Vanity | Shower | Stool | Curtain

Would you believe that this bathroom is a space that didn’t even exist in the original floor plan? This space used to be a set of interior stairs that led to the storage area under the house. We knew we could put this space to better use, and make the bathroom placement much more functional for the house. This full bath opens off the kitchen and additionally to the main bedroom, both by space saving pocket doors. We found this great vanity that was not too large but still had great style and most importantly storage. Taking the tile and the striped shower curtain all the way up to the ceiling made the space feel bigger.

We really couldn’t be happier with how this place turned out. Shouldn’t have a favorite, but this one might be it. Love getting to work on the smaller spaces. I hope you enjoyed this post with all the styling links. Styling these houses really helps them come to life and show off all of their character. Hopefully you can find some tips, tricks, or new to you products to help you get these looks in your home!

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